About Us
Pole Dancing offers strength, flexibility, cardio and gives you a full body work out. We know it won’t take long for you to fall in love with the sport of Pole Dancing and can offer you the support and guidance you will need on the road to fun and fitness!

We are committed to meeting each student’s individual needs. To do this we keep our class sizes small - no more than 5 in fact - so we can attend to each student and give them all the attention and time they need.

We aim to make our studio a comfortable, safe and fun place to train where our students can develop their fitness and confidence. We offer classes from Beginners to Advanced and encourage everybody to give it a go!

Peta has been hanging around VertiGal since it opened and nothing has made her happier than watching students grow and progress. She has been competing in the Miss Pole competition for the last 4 years, has trained all over the world and loves performing. She is also a Silks and Lyra instructor and qualified fitness trainer.
Laura has been pole dancing for approximately five years and three of those have been at VertiGal. Laura enjoys every facet of pole dancing including the workout, strength, flexibility and the confidence it gives you. But most of all she loves the friends she has made, from fellow polers and instructors, to the many students she’s taught
Sophie has been pole dancing for six years and teaching for just over two at VertiGal Aerial Fitness.  With a passion for health and fitness Sophie has relished watching the way pole and the aerial arts has evolved over the years, and not only does she take great pleasure in teaching pole, but loves to share her passion by writing about it through her freelance journalism work. 

Sophie thrives on helping her students achieve their strength and fitness goals through pole, and during her classes will always take the time to cater to individual needs of each student. Sophie's mantra is that life is always better upside down! 
Linda has been poleing since VertiGal opened in 2011. She is a keen rock climber, but her interest in aerial arts has quickly taken over her spare time. She loves that it is super fun and feels more like playing, rather than working out. The social aspect is also a highlight for her. Linda has two daughters that are often with her at the studio, both love to have a spin and be mums little doubles partner.
Tammy has been a poler with VertiGal since we opened our doors, she believes that dance is a sport for every body and loves helping her students master the art. Tammy is a qualified teacher and likes to emphasize the use of good technique in all of her classes. As well as a good workout (of course!) Tammy enjoys nothing more than being a part of the strong and empowering pole dancing community.
Angela first found her love of pole dance in 2008; she is a qualified fitness instructor and has been teaching pole fitness for 6 years. Angela has attended pole workshops and master-classes with some of the world’s best pole dancers and is very passionate about her chosen hobby. She loves meeting new people and finds it rewarding to teach others and help them achieve their goals. Angela believes pole fitness has helped her to build strength, coordination, flexibility and it is a fun way to get fit and stay in shape!
I started pole dancing at Vertigal in 2015 and fell in love with the spins, tricks and the people very quickly. I have never been an “athletic” person and in fact struggled to find a sport that I was able to commit to. I would feel that I wasn’t good enough or progressing quick enough to continue until I found pole. Pole is an incredibly challenging sport and when I started it was really tough, however it is also incredibly rewarding and nothing beats the feeling of nailing that trick or combo! Anyone who knows me will know I have a soft spot for strength based tricks however I am willing to give anything a go and encourage my students to do the same. I have made some life-long friends at Vertigal and cannot wait to share what I have learnt with you all. 
Jade fell in love with aerial fitness from the day she started. Since then she has developed her skills in several aerial apparatus including silks, lyra, trapeze, swinging trapeze and corde de lisse. She has trained all over the country and is a Circus Training Australia qualified advanced silks instructor. Jade believes that aerial fitness is accessible to everyone no matter what skill level or age and is also a great way to build self-esteem and confidence as well as strength and grace.
Sarah’s interest in the Aerial Arts really started to come in around late 2013. After battling with depression and anxiety for 6 years she finally decided to take the plunge into her first Aerial Silks class in 2014 and she has never looked back. Sarah found that not only was Aerial silks getting her back to her fitness level before mental illness struck, but it was a fun, scary and rewarding way to push her out of the comfort zones she had created.

Since then Sarah has expanded into Aerial hoop/Lyra, is the Hume Centres Silks and Lyra instructor, a Performer, and due to her found love of health and fitness again, is also studying to become a qualified Personal Trainer. The Aerial Arts has played a big part in Sarah getting her life back, not only does she have an absolute passion for helping her students reach fitness and/or Aerial art goals, she will be there for anyone in need of help, is a lover of life and people (and conversing :-P), and you often can’t miss her as you can hear the cheerful conversations and laughter inside the Hume Centre.
Amy has been with the Vertigal studio almost since it first opened its doors. Amy ended her first year of training by performing in the 1 year anniversary Vertigal Showcase. Amy enjoys learning new tricks and really enjoys helping her students. Last year, Amy took a leave of absence whilst being pregnant with her first baby, but she is back on board regaining her strength and falling in love with teaching once again. Amy hopes to play around with pole for many years to come as it keeps her fit, strong and happy.
Mel started pole in 2010 and couldn't stop thinking about it from then on. She loves the feeling of nailing a new trick and believes the strength you gain from pole is incredible. There is no other type of training like it. She is currently studying to become a fully qualified personal trainer and can't wait to put those skills to work.