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What should I wear to Class? You should wear shorts, preferably above the knee in a stretchy fabric. On your feet feel free to go barefoot, sneakers or even heels.
Do I need any dance background to participate in classes? No absolutely not, there are no prerequisites anyone can do it!
What do I do if I cannot grip the Pole? If you are having trouble gripping the Pole you should try some of the Liquid Chalk/Dry Hands available at the studio. Shaving cream or hairspray on your legs can also help.
How large are your class sizes? We like to keep things small so each student gets the attention they deserve , there will never be more than 5 students in one class.
I would love to attend classes but cannot get a babysitter? We have a children ’s room right next to the studio so you can keep an eye on the kids whilst they play with the toys and you enjoy your class. Please see the information on our mums and bubs although mums are welcome at all classes.
I would like to take some photos at the end of the term to show people how much I have learnt, is this alright? Yes on the last lesson of the term we set aside 10 minutes to take a few pictures of you and how much you have learnt to show your friends and family.
Do I need to be strong of flexible to participate? Not at all in the beginners classes we start from the very beginning and structure our classes in a way that all fitness levels are accommodated.
Are under 18’s allowed to participate in classes? Yes we will however need a signature from a parent or guardian.
What Kind of Poles do you have at your Studio? We use Brass Pussycat Poles with a Diameter of 38.1 mm. They are 3080mm high and spinning.
None of the class times suit my schedule? We are very flexible if you and at least 2 other friends would like to do classes at a time that is not on the timetable we will work out a time that suits you.