This is our introduction to Pole dancing there are no prerequisites for this level, we encourage all ages and fitness levels to attend. In this class you will learn basic beginner’s moves and combos. You will also develop your strength and flexibility we will combine all your new skills into a fun routine to help you remember them .
VertiGal 1 - Intermediate
This class caters to those who have done a few beginners terms or done Pole in the past. In this class we will expect a little more from you, we will help you become more comfortable with your upside down moves and teach a few tricker combos. We recommend that you have done at least 2 terms of beginners or done Pole dancing classes in the past before enrolling in this class. Like the beginners class we will help you reach that next level of strength and flexibility and ingrain it all with a short routine.
VertiGal 2 - Advanced
This is our advanced class. For this class confidence upside down is a must as is at least 2 terms of vertigal 1. In this class we will move on to longer and harder combos, this class will help you refine and perfect everything you have learnt up to this stage and give you the confidence you need to perform seamlessly. Once again we will push your strength and flexibility up to the next levels and have a bit of fun with a routine.
Pure Trix and Routine Classes
Our Pure Trix class is perfect for people who want to focus more on the pole fitness and aerobic aspect of pole dancing rather than the traditional dance routines. In the class you will learn a variety of tricks that are fun, look impressive and develop your strength and flexibility. In our Routine Classes we teach you how to combine all the tricks you learn into fun combos and maybe add a little dancing if you're keen.
Mums and Bubs
This class is for the new mums out there wanting to get back in shape and have a bit of fun at the same time. We have a small room for the bubs right next to the studio so we can always have an eye on them. This class is set at a beginners level and can be added to the timetable where ever suits enrolling students. One off private classes can also be arranged.
$25 per person - min 3
These classes are run during school holidays and are split into two age groups, 3-10 years and 11-18yrs. The classes are pure trick based and set at a beginner level. As well as learning a few fun pole combos the kids will also get to have a go in our aerial hoops. Polenastic classes run for 1 hour and have limited spaces so bookings are essential.
$17.50 per person
Private Classes
We take one off and regular private classes. If you are interested in trying pole without committing to a full term or wanting some extra one on one specific trainning contact us to arrange a time.
$45 per person